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System Surveys

An essential part of all our system takeover (and rescue mission) projects, our detailed system appraisal service provides a full assessment of any current installation, including home network and any control equipment.

Full details of our survey visit are subsequently documented in a detailed report listing any primary & secondary issues that we may have identified, along with other notes and observations.  Recommendations are then provided relating to any possible further works/actions that might be required.

Experience Matters

Within the Audio Visual and Smart-Home sector, only a handful of companies have the necessary expertise and knowhow to adequately provide an efficient, effective and unbiased system survey – particularly as some businesses have simply not been trading long enough to have ever installed or worked with many of the legacy technologies that were around even 5 years ago!

Our clients rely on the high level of experience and integrity that goes into all of our survey works, be that a full system takeover or just a simple appraisal of a current installation.

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Whether you’re starting a new project, exploring options or just need some advice, our team of Smart Home experts are here to help.

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