Commercial Video Distribution

Commercial Video Distribution solution for the Hospitality Sector - From single screens to sports bars with multiple screens and video walls.

From single screens to sports bars with multiple screens and video walls, Smart Synergy has it covered. The use and popularity of distributed video in the hospitality sector has evolved a great deal over recent years, as has the technology required to support it.

With the introduction of high definition screens etc. within the consumer market, customers of our commercial clients are now expecting an even higher quality experience when out and about, than ever before – thus the demand for high quality picture and sound.

2x2 Video wall solution by Smart Synergy - Manor House Lindley

2x2 Video wall featuring Wyrestorm video distribution by Smart Synergy - Manor House Lindley

Loyal customers connect with their favorite restaurants and bars because of the food & drinks, the service, as well as the atmosphere. AV integration in the restaurant environment elevates the visual impact on guests, for a memorable outing experience. With solutions that provide distribution of content on multiple displays that is simple and easy for staffing to manage, Smart Synergy offer a wide range of distributed video systems made specifically for the demanding commercial sector.

From bars and restaurants to boutique hotels and wedding venues, Smart Synergy can offer scalable solutions at any level.  Contact us to learn more.

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