Commercial & Hospitality Smart Lighting

Lutron Commercial Lighting – The Perfect Solution for Hospitality & more, with comprehensive energy-saving comfort-control solutions for light, shade, & climate.

Lutron commercial intelligent lighting control not only looks amazing in any room or building but is also a very effective way to reduce commercial energy consumption. Create distinct lighting moods by mixing low voltage lighting such as colour changing LEDs with more common incandescent lights, set at different levels and pre-programmed to achieve the scene required.

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Introducing Lutron – The Perfect Solution for Hospitality & More

You welcome guests from all over the world… your lighting control system should be just as universal.  Lutron Commercial offers you comprehensive energy-saving and comfort-control solutions—for light, shade, and temperature—as well as intelligent building integration for all your properties across the globe.

Lutron Hospitality Smart Lighting

Lutron Hospitality Smart Lighting Control


True luxury is achieved when technology works for you and your guests. With Lutron, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for functionality. Enhance guest comfort The total guest experience is the key to reputation, brand loyalty, and creating customers for life. Lutron helps to ensure a memorable experience with every visit. Lutron light, shade, and temperature control solutions create a beautiful, comfortable, and personalized experience from check-in to check-out, and every time in between.

Improve staff efficiency System alerts, powerful reports, high-performance products, and shared information help streamline workflow and simplify hotel operations. Reduce energy use and control costs Automated lighting, shade, and temperature control optimizes energy use, enhances productivity, and improves comfort.

Guestroom control systems can use industry-leading algorithms to manage costs and reduce lighting/HVAC energy use by up to 30%, while improving the guest experience. Shading solutions help reduce glare, and minimize wear and tear on fabrics to support a more comfortable, longer-lasting, energy-efficient space. And, by layering energy-saving strategies, the property can realize lighting energy savings of up to 60% in offices, meeting rooms, and back-of-house areas. Lutron delivers the ideal experience every time.

Solutions For ALL

In the following section below highlights specific Lutron solutions for each space in a hotel or related commercial property.

Lobbies & Public Spaces

Lobbies are the face of your hotel— flexible, integrated lighting and shade control ensures your property always makes a great first impression. Centralised control Easily control, adjust, and monitor all the lights and shades from a centralized control using Quantum Vue software.

Restaurants & Lounges

The right atmosphere is key to a memorable dining experience. Intuitive keypad controls make it easy to recall preset scenes, ensuring that the staff can concentrate on the guest experience. Create and recall scenes for everyday use Intuitive controls give your staff peace of mind—from breakfast to dinner, and prep to cleanup. Timeclock control Deliver a seamless, stress-free lighting atmosphere. Shade control Automatic shade control with manual override ensures a comfortable, glare-free dining experience.


Ballroom lighting typically has to offer customization for a wide variety of events— from wedding receptions, to fundraisers, to classroom setups—your ballroom accommodates it all, and so should the lighting control system. Dimming Set the right light for any event and simplify fine lighting adjustments. Partition controls Create the perfect atmosphere for individual events, or deliver a beautiful environment in the total ballroom area. Create theatrical scenes Provide the perfect light for that special occasion, and then easily return to automated control presets.

Lutron Commercial lighting control for board rooms and meeting spaces

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Preset scenes make it easy to create and recall room scenes—or automatically control lights, shades, and temperature from a single keypad. Setup and recall standard scenes Create scenes for meetings, A/V presentations, teleconferences and lunch meets. Seamless A/V and shade integration Deliver a comfortable, productive environment. Flexible, individual fixture control Customised control settings to meet every user need.

Guestrooms & Suites

Create a comfortable, energy-saving environment for your guests’ home away from home. Energy savings Control lights, shades, and temperature to automatically reduce energy use. Improved guest experience Simple-to-use, intuitive controls create a comfortable, familiar environment. Shade control Shade controls offer privacy and light control—pull-to-start shades provide familiar operation for any guest. Improved operations Lutron quality, reliability, and performance help ensure that guestrooms stay available for sale. Seamlessly connect suites and provide a comfortable stay for groups of guests.

Luxury Penthouses

Take guestroom control to the next level and deliver the ultimate home away from home —luxury, comfort, and convenience for your most discerning guests. Power to scale With the power to handle the most demanding applications— whether it is whole-floor penthouses or multi-story villas, Lutron systems can scale to meet your needs. Elevate the guest experience Integrate with other systems like AV to create a smarter, more responsive atmosphere in luxury rooms. Create the ideal ambiance and the perfect room environment. Elevate the service experience Quickly respond to guest requests, troubleshoot issues, and easily integrate with other building systems.

Back of House

Simple, scalable lighting control offers the ideal energy-saving solution for both new and retrofit applications. Energy savings Lighting in many back-of-house spaces such as restrooms, hallways, and storage areas does not always have to be on —save energy automatically with occupancy sensors and scalable systems. Simple installation and setup Wireless controls reduce installation time by up to 70%, and save on labour costs and downtime. Safety and security Ensure the right lighting for safety and security, without wasting energy when a space is unoccupied.

Serviced Residences

Residential lighting control systems deliver high-tech luxury to owners. Fully integrated, connected control Centralised control for the entire apartment—wireless remotes, app-based control from any smart device, and convenient keypads deliver ultimate convenience and save energy beautifully. Control lights, shades, and temperature Adjust the entire space environment at the touch of a button, and easily create scenes for your favourite activities.

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