Smart Home Consultancy

Our Smart Home Consultancy services will ensure that all technology that is being built into a property will fit under a single ‘umbrella of control’.

At Smart Synergy, we pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge spanning over 30 years within the Audio Visual and related technology sectors.  We are committed to ensuring our clients receive the most current and accurate information possible when planning their new-build or renovation projects.

Together, we’ve got this!

Having a Smart home consultant involved in your project from the get-go, will ensure that relevant decisions can be made faster and with confidence.   Imagine, purchasing a common item such as heating control or an alarm system, only to then discover a few months later that these items have limited or even worse, no compatibility with your preferred smart home system?

This is a fairly common mistake which inevitably leads to additional expense and/or a compromised end solution.

Smart Home Consultancy service means we are with you at each key stage of your build project

Ensuring your home technology works together and remains simple to operate

‘Smart’ yet ‘Simple’

The primary goal of a Smart Synergy consultant is to ensure that all technology that is being built into a property will fit under a single ‘umbrella of control’.  This not only ensures that our clients have a much easier to operate system (ideally via a single user interface) but that all relevant technologies will talk together on the same platform.  This is the foundation by which all good smart homes are built, and an ideology by which has seen our business reputation grow from strength to strength.

The Smart Approach

Smart Synergy consultancy is included as standard with the majority of our projects and can also be undertaken separately where required.  Speak to us today to learn more about how Smart Synergy can assist with your project.

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Our smart home constants will are on hand right till the and.... and thereafter.

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Whether you’re starting a new project, exploring options or just need some advice, our team of Smart Home experts are here to help.

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