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Smart Synergy have been designing and installing bespoke smart home systems, audio visual and home cinema solutions for well over 15 years. Our Control4 certified showroom was the first in the world to be approved by Control4!

Established in 2007, Smart Synergy has grown to become one of the leading Smart Home businesses in the UK. From lighting and automation to home cinemas and everything in between, our specialist team of Smart Home experts can help your home or business become smarter, faster and more efficient.

Who are Smart Synergy?

Smart Synergy was first founded to bring together custom smart home automation and high quality audio visual systems to form bespoke audio video (AV) solutions for private clients.  Building upon over 15 years of previous industry experience, our team were driven by passion and excitement for what was then only a very niche sector.

Fast forward to today, and Smart Synergy has grown to become one of the largest and most influential Smart Home businesses in the UK, achieving numerous industry awards in the process too.  Smart Synergy are also extremely proud to be the only Control4 dealer to be awarded 2021 ‘Platinum Dealer’ status in Yorkshire which in-turn made Smart Synergy the only ‘Platinum Dealer’ with a Control4 Certified Showroom in the North of England!

Always aiming to keep ahead of the trend, Smart Synergy commenced their ‘Approved Partner’ program back in 2016, which has introduced many electrical contractors into the world of smart home automation and the associated key disciplines.  All extensively backed and supported by what is now some 30+ years of hands-on industry know-how!

Control4 Certifed Showroom - Smart Home Experts

Smart Synergy welcomes you to our West Yorkshire based showroom. Demos available by appointment.

Experience IS Everything!

When it comes to technology, both knowledge AND experience are key to providing the best possible solutions.  Equally important is having a pragmatic approach to providing high quality systems that don’t just look good but are super easy to operate day-in, day-out.

To put this into context, a Smart Home system will ONLY ever work as good as it has been designed, and a ‘well designed’ Smart Home will ONLY ever perform as well as the person who programs it!

To put this another way…. If you asked someone fresh from a 4-day cookery class to bake you a cake, and then gave the exact same ingredients to a Michelin Star chef, you would expect the end results to be quite different, both in presentation and taste.  Yet, many people still do not apply this same level of expectation when it comes to their Smart Home and related AV systems.  How do we know this?  Currently around a third of our typical work is spent fixing works previously undertaken by other contractors!

Despite what others might say, when investing in any form of technology for your home, experience and quality matters!  Rest assured, choosing Smart Synergy ensures your project is in safe, knowledgeable and experienced hands.

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