Home Cinema

The Ultimate BIG SCREEN Experience

Recent developments in display technology has meant that more and more people are now choosing projection for their Home Cinema setup. And with screen sizes easily dwarfing the average flat-screen, it is easy to see why!

With over 10 years industry experience, we have designed and installed many Home Cinema solutions, ranging from a few hundred pounds to over £100’000!

Regardless of price, our Home Cinema solutions generally fall into one of two categories…..

Dedicated Cinema Room

A Dedicated Home Cinema is a room with one main purpose: watching movies.

A Dedicated Home Cinema can also support other media uses such as music, gaming, and broadcast TV, and should always please visually and acoustically.

Properly executed, such rooms should be able to faithfully reproduce the picture and sound content, demonstrating minimal compromise within the given budget.

At Smart Synergy, we thrive on producing new and exciting systems for our customers. Our award-winning Home Cinema Solutions feature a full bespoke, end-to-end design and full installation service by our very own CEDIA Certified Engineers.

Small Cinema / Media Room

Media Rooms are gathering spaces which integrate at least one screen and two speakers with the primary purpose of supporting many different media uses, such as, watching movies, listening to music, gaming, and viewing broadcast TV.

These multi-purpose spaces afford high quality audio and video performance, but will typically demonstrate technical compromises to fit within the aesthetic scheme of the room.

Our bespoke small Cinema and Media room solutions are engineered to maximise audio and video performance, whilst working with the layout and décor of the room. Our approach on this type of project encourages the intelligent and creative integration of the technology into these rooms, which is why we design every Home Cinema /Media solution independently and not one of them is the same.


Getting it setup right!

Across the majority of our projects, some fundamentals DO stay the same. A Home Cinema system is not necessarily meant to be a Large Display combined with a loud stereo system. Speaker placement has to be implemented carefully and the speakers must ideally blend with the room décor. Room acoustics also have to be taken into consideration for the final result to be a success.

Finally, control is one of the most important elements for you to get the maximum use out of your Home Cinema system – after all, if it is difficult or cumbersome to use, it won’t get used!

Some of our Home Cinema Projects

Cellar Home Cinema

This awesome cellar convsetion is a Dedicated Home Cinema featuring Big Screen Projection and an Audio Experience to die for!

Basement Home Cinema

A fantastic 9-seater Home Cinema, featuring 2-tiered seating & colour-change LED lighting – located in a purpose-built basement.