Home Cinema Cellar

This client came to us with the requirement of turning an unused space into a dedicated room for watching movies and sporting events on a large projector screen.

Sound Advice

Room acoustics factored in very early in our design as the original room was pretty much a box with wooden floors and a dual ‘barrel’ ceiling. Also, the preferred solution was to feature in-wall speakers – not easy to do in a basement that has already been converted and made watertight.

Due to the practicalities of the room location, the main equipment rack had to be located within the room itself. Great care was taken to find a suitable location within the room that would offer the least amount of impact on the viewing experience.


Control of the system is handled by the excellent SR250 remote (Control4). This control solution is linked to all aspects of the room providing the client with a very easy to use experience. Upon activation the projector fires up, the IP controlled amplifier switches on (and to a pre-set volume level – very important in case the last user was “having a blast”!), lights dim to a suitable scene and the user is presented with an intuitive on-screen GUI so they can select a source device.